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Spirit of The Liens


Chaumet celebrates United Arab Emirates 46th National Day with an animated movie titled “Spirit of the Liens”.

The animation pays tribute to the Spirit of the Union by featuring the Maison’s signature blue ribbon appears through different scenes of the Emirati culture. As a symbol of unity, the animation expresses the parallel between the meaning of the Liens de Chaumet and the spirit of the cosmopolitan community of the United Arab Emirates, celebrating the local culture and heritage.

Symbolically, the “lien” is the thread that creates a bond between two souls and draws their destiny closer. It reflects our relation to others, to the world and even to ourselves. The affectionate and sentimental dimension of the jewel emerges here, marking the important stages and experiences of a life.

After shaping the Spirit of the Union, the blue ribbon transforms into a Liens Séduction bangle, revealing the new Chaumet blue box.

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