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How to Tan Perfectly

If you’re ready to look like a sun god, there are two ways to do it. One is best if you’re impatient or in a hurry. The other way requires patience but ends up giving you all-natural results.

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First, if you want to achieve a perfect tan in as little time as possible, you need a tanning salon. If they offer spray tans, this is the quickest way to look fabulous. It’s also safer for your skin to prevent premature aging and skin cancer that UV radiation causes.

Second, if you want to do the bronzing yourself, it takes longer, but it can be very enjoyable. The color also lasts longer, especially if you maintain it by continuing to tan weekly.

Either way, a little prep before you tan ensures that you end up with perfect results.

Remove body hair and exfoliate twelve to twenty-four hours ahead of time. Then don’t shower or swim until four to six hours after you tan. Both of these practices help your skin retain its new shade whether it’s painted-on or coming from the inside out.

Next, before you lay down under the sun or in a bed, apply tanning lotion. If you have naturally pale skin, you can get better results with a tanning accelerator.

You could also reduce your risk of harm by using a sunscreen made for tanning. These offer a little SPF plus moisturizers to prevent harm to your skin.

If you’ve never visited a salon before, you might not know that you need a specific type of lotion for indoor tanning. These creams are made without oils that would damage the bed. Purchasing one beforehand will probably be less expensive than buying one at the tanning salon.

In conclusion, whether you tan under the sun or a sun lamp, take it slow. Start with short sessions in a booth or just 20 to 30 minutes outdoors. Burning will not make you tan faster. But gradual exposure will make you deliciously bronze.