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Simple But Useful Hacks for Long Hair

Hair grows 1 to 1.25 cms per month, and this can happen only if it is healthy. If your hair is not growing at its standard length, then its time to check where you are going wrong and what you can do to make it right. Having healthy hair not only helps it grow faster but also has a luster to it that adorns your overall look. Laser-based devices are available nowadays for treating hair related issues. However, you can fix the hair growth issues with simple remedies before we use a hair growth device.

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The Simple Steps for Long Hair

I will be sharing all the steps that will make your journey towards long beautiful hair successful


There have been myths on trimming your hair. Many do not want to do it as they feel they are stepping back on their goal if they lose the length. But that is not true; you are eliminating the blockade formed by the split end where it takes a lot of time for it to heal to regrow. Sometimes the split end does not heal till the hair falls out, and that is why they are considered stubborn to deal with and enemies of healthy hair. Trimming your hair leaves a healthy end for the hair from where it can regrow quickly. Hence trimming regularly helps stalled growth to restart and keep growing.


Hair growth supplements give promising results if your hair is having issues due to a lack of necessary vitamins. Intake of supplements does fix the issue if there are no other underlying health issues. Choosing them carefully from a trusted company is essential. Especially using biotin for hair growth has good results as it is the primary strengthening ingredient that you are usually deficient in.

Balance Diet

Maintaining a balanced diet is considered suitable for overall health. When your complete body is healthy, then obviously, your hair will also be healthy. A balanced diet will be loaded with essential nutrition, and natural nutrients are more effective than supplements. You need not be surprised seeing how strong your hair becomes from the roots, and even the hair fall reduces drastically.


Taking stress is not at all good for your overall health and not suitable for your hair as it promotes hair fall by keeping the nutrition from reaching them. The body redirects the nutrients to work on the required body parts and treats your hair as its last requirement during these periods. Hence keep yourself stress-free to help nutrition reach the hair follicles for them to be nourished and to grow properly.


Washing your hair too frequently strips off the natural oils from them and makes them dry and brittle, which can be easily broken. So, it is vital to strike a balance between clean hair and maintaining the oils intact. One more mistake you generally do is to use hot water to wash the hair. Lukewarm water or cold water is best to keep your hair retain moisture by working on the outer layer smoothly.


Do not worry what kind to choose or how to use, just use it and you will learn. There are many types to choose from, but mainly, they come in leave on or rinse off. Just choose which goes best with your time and application that is easy for you. As you master the art of using conditioners, dig deeper to find the one that suits you best. But if you keep wondering which one is best, you will end up wondering.

All the methods mentioned above are doable and do not require any unique hair growth device or fancy equipment to grow your hair long. Yes, you might be wondering which supplements to choose usage of biotin for hair growth are usually shared and has beautiful results.