College Hair Care

Being in college can be a super stress especially on your beautiful tresses. There are a few reasons that amount to damage when your a college student.

The obvious deadlines, homework and assignments aside. College students are exposed to a lot of sun damage. Personally being a college student I notice that my hair gets super dirty when I am on full force college duty. If you are some one who is growing your hair long or already have long hair then this could be the reason there is some stagnancy in your growth. 

Sun Damage :
Being exposed tot he harsh heat can take a toll on your hair especially your ends as they have been exposed the most. It is pretty easy to tell if your hair is sun damaged. Your hair will have a gradient shade. Your ends would look lighter than your roots. Now if you suffer from this then there are 2 options for you the first is to wear heat protector on you hair. Yes the sun is also a source of heat ! The second option is to wear a UV protective leave in serum.

It is something that is found in bounty fulls in college life the best thing to do is take some good multi- Vitamins as they help in balancing out the adverse effects stress have on your body. It is best to consult a doctor or nutritionist to get the best multi-vitamin that can be most effective to your body type.

Water :
Lots of walking, talking and the heat diminish your body of its water content. Make sure that your drink lots of water even at college. If you don’t want to carry a water bottle around eating healthy fruits during lunch time or taking fruit juice instead of a cold drink will be just right. 

Strong hair care :
Having a solid hair care routine ensures that all the damage and dirt that you pick up in the college gets properly reversed. Follow a pre-wash, wash and post-wash routine to get your hair looking amazing. I will soon be posting up my hair care routine that has worked wonders do stay posted

Sugar 🙂 

Disclaimer : I do not own the images the rights are reserved to whom so ever is the owner.


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