Makeovers on a budget !

Make overs are about breaking out of our comfort zone and trying something new. As life goes on our  personality changes but our physical appearance remains the same. It takes a lot of guts and braveness to enter in to a new routine.Here are some tips on a budget.
Hair :
Hair frames your whole body. It is your no.1 asset. Here are a few tips to change your look by changing your mane
1) If you wear a pony tail on regular basis then try wearing your hair in an Up-do or braid your hair. the same goes with others if you wear your hair in a braid then try a ponytail.
2)As mentioned earlier your hair frames your whole body it also imparts symmetry to your face. So changed up your part from side to middle or all back. Take your pick
3)Texture of your hair is something you dont always need heat to change up. Some mousse, pins and even socks are all you need. Pin curls, soft waves or crimped hair. Youtube to find out the endless possibilities to no heat hair styles.
1)Liner is what defines the shape of your eye play around with different styles and formulations, dig out your old pencil liner.
2)If you normally wear kajal only then try using liner on top of the lid. You can try taking liner out of your life and instead define with lots of coats of mascara
3)Color liner is not something I would do everyday but its good to shift up your look
4)You should be doing this on a daily basis but if you don’t concealer can work wonders on your eyes
1)Wearing earrings or maybe just a simple chain in your neck can subtly bring attention to your face. you want to make sure that you keep it subtle.
2)Changing up the color you wear such as wearing lighter color jeans instead of dark or lighter tops instead of dark ones. Colors divide your body and bring emphasis to your body while providing it a cut-off area. Short people normally tend to wear lighter colors on their bottom half.
3)Play around with textures, fits and falls of materials pick out the outfit out of your comfort zone and try it out you might be surprised.

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