Signature Looks : Nicole Scherzinger

Today we will talk about Nicole Scherzinger, a former pussycat doll, she has always been famous for her bold looks in her stage performances. There are 3 major elements to her look that we will look in to. Firstly you can see from the picture that she has always had a pretty bronzed face with a nude lip and strong brown-black smokey eye.


She always seems to have the same kind of a smoky eye. It has black near the lash line both on the upper and lower lid.The liner is soft and is not a strong liquid liner, powder or gel lightly smudged would be a good option. As for the smoke effect, the black blends into a dark brown with red undertones. The finishes vary between matte to frost. She emphasizes her eyes by using mascara.  It is a modern smokey eye with a reverse ombre

Her cheeks are heavily contoured though it may not seem like it I am pretty sure she is wearing a little blush. You cannot achieve the look without a good highlight. Her highlight is not chunky but a subtle glow. Her cheeks remind me of Kim Kardashian. She slims down her face to bring attention to her amazing nose. its evident she does not need to slim her face down. Sometimes she does not have such a harsh contour as seen in X factor.

She wears a nude lip. A nude lipstick with gloss only on the outside of the lip. Her lips are almost never caught with a full on glossy look. Her nude color can be easily achieved using your favorite concealer with a brown toned gloss. Her gloss is not chunky glitter but more of a sheer wash with less to no shimmer.


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