Curly twirl

The trend which has been popular all 2011 – 2012 , curls are in all those curly hair girls I’m jealous . Rocking the catwalks this season and also spring collection 2012 is those sexy curly locks. The most popular are the voluminous curls/ messy hair which have been seen on the runway such as Victoria Secrets show and D&G. This year is going to be all about long and bouncy curls , that  look sharp and yet relaxed at the same time .It’s all about the perfect curls! .One can get these perfect curls by using a set of hot rollers or even a curling rod (1 -2 inch ). Mousse will help keep those curls in perfect shape. If you hair is naturally straight I would recommend a little hair spray (strong hold ) and your done ! Remember the look is all about been very casual and relaxed.
The next trend is the House Hold curls, which look very natural and sleek yet have those twirls which give a little bit of oomph factor!!. You can dress it up or dress it down. This is a back-to-school look that has now emerged. People who have naturally curly hair you don’t have to do anything. God has blessed you this year. For all those people who have straight hair will need a curling rod and a little bit of teasing. This time although we need the curls to be tight. The look is to have a polished twirl. Add some shine spray at the end and viola you are rocking the new trend. This look can be dressed up by adding a head band or a fancy hair piece.

Curls and twirls are all over the runway and magazines, so all you people who are blessed with those lovely locks these are some tricks and tips to maintain them and enhance their beauty.

  Use a nourishing conditioner after shampooing, this will ensure the shine and removes the frizz.
Apply a leave in conditioner / styling cream which will ensure that those curls don’t twirl in the wrong direction.
-Use a diffuser for maximum hold and apply a hair spray
-Avoid using towels that are multi fiber , cotton helps removing the moisture and leave the hair frezzyless 
  Mousse’s are going to be your next best friend .John Frieda is the best product in the market although it is a high end product but proven to be absolutely worth it 
  Deep conditioning and oiling the hair is very important especially because curly hair generally has a weak fibre and low in oil balance hence ensuring complete nourishment helps avoiding freezy hair.

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