DIY hair: Leave in conditioner at 1/2 the price

An average leave in conditioner costs somewhere between 120 – 500 rps. But now you can make one at half the price. This conditioner is for the pocket conscious girls who still want to flaunt their luscious locks. its perfect for adding that hint of moisture for your hair during the harsh winter season. You will need

  1. A spray bottle 
  2. Some tap water 
  3. Your favorite conditioner

To make this mixture take your spray bottle make sure that it is properly cleaned. Add 75 % water and 25 % conditioner. You want to stir it to combine it. Do not shake it other wise it will form a cuff and will not spray properly. You can dilute the mixture further depending on the consistency of your conditioner. It should look like butter milk. After washing your hair with shampoo spray about 4 squirts into your hair focusing on the ends. Your may have to play around with the recipe to perfect it. Try not to spray too much.


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