DIY hair : Traditional meets Modern

A quick hair mask to shift up your hair routine in the winters. While oil provides nice nourishment to the hair it falls short in terms of moisturizing your hair. Here is a mask that satisfies your mother and your hair. A modern twist on a traditional solution. You will need

  1. Your favorite hair oil ( I like to use my home made coconut, curry leaf and fenugreek seed oil)
  2. A moisturizing conditioner ( I like dove)
  3. A shine conditioner ( I recommend pantene )

Take 50% oil and 50 % of the two conditioners mixed together ( that means 25 % of each ). Mix all of this in a bowl apply on your hair from root to tip and  leave it in for about an hour. You can tie your hair in a bun if you wish. Wash it off with your favorite shampoo. After you finish run your hair under cold water. You don’t need to pour the water over your head just place your hair under the tap. Squeeze the excess water out. Air dry and style however.


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