10 hurdles in your hair growth journey

Now a days with long hair being a huge trend many of us are starting to invest in our hair growth. Everyone knows that it is a long process that takes patience and determination below I will list out 10 problems that one would commonly face when growing out their hair.
1) Split ends
Split ends occur to almost every one sometimes the hair texture helps in enhancing or concealing it.Cutting is the only solution but this is when we also make a huge mistake. You really don’t need to cut off an inch of you hair to remove split ends. Cutting the very tips of your hair once in two months can help. Use leave in conditioners as they help in concealing the appearance of split ends.
2) Stagnant Growth

This occurs normally for 2 – 3 months during a year. Hair is known to grow about an inch a month but the interesting fact is that hair does not grow one inch every month. Sometimes your hair will grow 1 inch a month for 3 months and then not grow at all for a month. It is important to understand the months and periods when your hair does not grow and give extra nourishment to it. Still it may not grow its perfectly alright all you have to do is be patient
3)Hair shedding
As mentioned above sometimes the hair grows for a few months and then stops. Usually when the hair stops growing it is followed by shedding. As new hair keeps forming old hair will shed. As you are growing your hair longer it requires extra nourishment. Due to dietary or weather related issues your hair might not receive this nourishment. As a result your hair might start shedding. Oiling your hair with coconut oil mixed with fenugreek seed powder can help as it provides strength and nourishment to your hair 
4)Gradient shades of your hair
Our hair is not one color as popular belief might suggest. Our hair actually consists of more than 3 shades. A typical Indian brunette consists of a dark brown, a reddish brown and a slightly honey tinted brown. This is evident in sunlight. As the sun tans our body it also effects the color of our hair normally known as sun damage. The hair turns either a rust or dark orange color towards the ends. The gradient is different due to the differences in hair styles worn. Open hair would be most effected as when compared to up-dos and braids. Regular oiling of hair and wearing the hair up when exposed to the sun are great solutions.

As the hair grows longer the weight of the hair increases hence weighing it down. This could result in your hair looking flat from on top. Such cases can be avoided by finding ways to add volume to your hair. I usually tie my hair up in a top knot when I sleep. I grab my hair and bring it all the way up to my forehead and tie a loose top bun. You can use a hair tie or a clip to secure it. This enables all the roots to be directed upwards rather than downwards hence adding a touch of volume. Pin curls can help greatly in bringing life to dead flat hair  
6)Styling dilemma
Most of us suffer from a styling dilemma. Since our hair is growing out it changes textures. There is great shift in the way our hair falls and the way it holds style. Experimenting is the best way to understand how you would want to wear your hair. Avoiding heat is a necessity to growing hair and this can bug many people especially people who are used to styling their hair daily. Accept your hair in its natural state and try to work with it
7)Hair routine not working
Before I started growing out my hair I experimented with several routines. One of which worked for me but to my disappointment it stopped working. There are many arguments about whether hair can actually get used to your routine or not. I personally have seen that shifting up my shampoo does effect the way my hair reacts. if your hair routine is not working it is best to try another routine for a month and seeing how it goes. There are so many shampoos and conditioners out in the market that help in breaking your routine. 

8)Quitting on hair growth
After 6 months of growing out my hair I decided to quit. This is quite common but now I realized how ridiculous it was. If you are growing out your hair you must understand that it is going to take at least a 2 years to reach a significant amount of growth. Don’t try and hurry your hair growth. Accept the length it is at and make it work. With the plethora of styling objects and styles available enjoy your process rather than worrying about the time and patience

9)Confusion over products

As mentioned above the vast choice available in the market can easily confuse anyone looking for good hair care products. My idea is to experiment and decide. Go for product reviews, hair care routines, etc that can help direct you towards the right direction. Its worth investing some time in researching your hair type and people that have like wise hair. understanding and analyzing is the key to narrowing your choice. Try a product for at least a month before making a verdict.

10)Expenses of hair growth

Hair growth can take a toll on your purse. Shampoos, conditioners, leave in conditioners, deep conditioners do not come cheap these days and hence can be taxing. It is best to rely on natural products in terms of deep conditioners. Trying to get more out of one product you can take a look at my DIY leave in conditioner in which I show you how to make your own leave in conditioner using your conditioner. Being economic by buying shampoos when there are discounts. HealthKart seems to have the lowest prices in terms of shampoos you must check the out.


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