Online Shopping : Style Craze Review

Style craze:
There are a plethora of options in terms of online shopping for cosmetics and other necessities of life. It is a tough competition in terms of service, products and customer service. I live in Hyderabad which is the area in which style craze is located. There is a reason why I give emphasis to this. Most online website find their homes in Delhi, which is not a bad thing its just that it takes longer for the products to come. Now coming to the website.
Products :

The product selection is amazing from various brands such as NYX, Bourjois, Max factor etc. A customer has a choice to choose from brands that are not available otherwise on other online sites
Customer Service:
Unfortunately I cannot say much of the customer service as I did not have any problems. That it self speaks of how good it is. I dint find the need to contact them as I did not suffer from any glitch in my experience
I live in Hyderabad as mentioned before hence it took me only a day to receive my products.

I bought the products during a NYX sale. It was a genuine sale with prices slashed really low. I have noticed that they tend to have sales quite frequently.
It came in a nice box. White in color with the logo printed. the products themselves came wrapped in layers of bubble wrap.

The Products that I bought
1)NYX nail polish Carnival
2)NYX jumbo pencil Milk


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