Product Review- NYX nail polish – Carnival

If you are looking for a carnival on your nails then NYX carnival is for you. I really dont know how much I can praise this polish. Its amazing on its own and a top a color too. If you’re creative then try using them as glittery french tips !

 It comes in a sturdy transparent bottle that will not leak all over. The amount of product is satisfactory compared to the price you pay.

The polish sets hard so there is not fear of it chipping away and the multicolor glitter is great for any occasion ! Its an amazing gift to give any girl. If she doesn’t love nail polish she will after this 

 Price : 169 in a sale

  1. Very true to the name
  2. Has a nice amount of shimmer
  3. Looks good under light nail polish as well as dark
  4. Complementary to any skin color
  5. Very unique
  6. Easy to apply brush
  7. Attractive packaging
  8. Comes in a variety of other colors


  1. Expensive
  2. Availability may be an issue

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