Online Shopping : Good Life Review

Good life is an online shopping website that finds its roots in Pune.They provide cash on delivery along with other payment options. Their product diversity keeps growing. Providing the best value for your money is their goal. Hassle-Free and convenient shopping experience is what they aim for. I found them for the first time while exploring a new brand that I only found on Good life. But what surprised me was that there was not only this one brand but several other brands that I found for the first time only on Good Life.


As mentioned above the product range is something that can be found exclusively only on Good Life not only in terms of cosmetics but also in terms of hair care and skin care products. They stock-up on really cheap but great products that are otherwise not available on other online websites
I would not go on a leg and say that they have the cheapest prices definitely they have some products which are really reasonable considering the products original value. They have a decent overall slash on their products but the best thing is that they run discounts all month long on certain products which also include high end products
The products comes wrapped in layers of bubble wrap and in the cardboard box shown in the first picture. Other than this the products are taped to the cardboard box from the inside to prevent it from moving.

The site does carry shipping charges for purchases below 250 rps. I had exceeded this amount so shipping was free for me. It took about a 4 days for the product to get to me as I live in Hyderabad. It also has a convenient method through which we can confirm the shipment by clicking a link in our email which is better than waiting for calls
Customer Care:
The customer care is great I originally was not able to track my order and the customer care consultant immediately got in touch and solved the problem within 24 hours of the complaint. Other than that they also sent me emails informing me of my shipment and order confirmation
 Product ordered 
1)Streetwear clear Mascara
2)Lotus aloehydra moisturizing gel


One thought on “Online Shopping : Good Life Review

  1. Superb post, i really like this, thanks for sharing. Today online shoping is a great way to save your time and money and with more comfort, because everyone is busy in their life.
    Goodlife coupons provide a large number of daily use products online at very cost effective rates.


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