Myth Or Fact : Hair : Cold Water Rinse

I am always on the hunt to find better and cheaper ways to take care of my hair. I recently saw a lot of buzz about cold water rinses. After you wash your hair you are supposed to apply conditioner and rinse it out with cold water. I decided to give it a try in winters since my hair feels really dry and damaged during this time. First I will tell you how I do it. 
How :

I apply the Sunsilk Keratinology conditioner on my hair using a giant clip I loosely tie it up. This is obviously in the shower after I wash my hair with shampoo. I wash my face with baking soda and massage it on face for a few minutes. It takes me barely 3 min. I take me hair down and shift to the tap outlet for the water, flip my hair upside down and run my hair under the cold water. This allows my to do the cold rinse without letting the water touch my body. If you don’t have a tap outlet to your shower you can go to the sink and do this. Then I squeeze out the water and clip the hair back on the top of my head. I continue with my shower afterwards making sure that the hot water does not touch my head. I know it may seem like a lot but it really is not. 

  1. My hair was actually shiny
  2. It was manageable
  3. It felt soft
  4. Made wavy – curly hair bouncy and straight-ish 
  5. Did not get greasy like how it would usually

Verdict – Cold rinses do seal the hair cuticles making it softer and shinier. I have incorporated this in my hair routine and there is no turning back 


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