Round Brush Bristle Breakdown : Nylon, Boar , Mixed.

If you have not noticed already I am obsessed with anything to do with hair. I suffered a huge problem because of my straightener ( it accidentally permanently straightened the bottom half of my hair ) due to which I completely shifted to blow drying my hair. A little background about my hair, I have wavy to curly hair for the 3/4 th of my hair the rest 1/4th is stick straight. I know not attractive at all, reason why I pin curl my hair all the time. But whenever I want to straighten it I use a round brush, over the years I have collected 3 types of brushes
1) Boar bristle ( Natural)  :

Boar bristle round brushes or as they are also called Natural bristle round brushes are made up of the hair or fur of wild hog.It is absorbent in nature and hence helps in to spread the natural oils of the hair making the hair look really shiny. Many salons use boar bristle brushes as they give a better finish. Its great for curly hair as Boar bristle brushes give the best tension to the hair.


  1. Imparts shine to the hair
  2. Provides best tension to the hair
  3. Finishes the hair beautifully
  4. Catches even the ends of the hair
  5. Gives a classic blow dry effect


  1. Makes the brush heavy
  2. Expensive due to the bristles
  3. The weight might lead to pain in the wrist

Nylons Bristle:
Nylon bristles are used to categorize all bristle that are made of plastic or Nylon.Nylon feels almost like iron hair. It is very stiff, straight and can hurt when touching them. They are usually paired with ceramic bodies as they help in conducting the heat to the body of the brush. A nylon round brush with a ceramic body emanates heat sealing the style and making it last longer.


  1. The brush is lighter than the boar bristle brush
  2. It holds the style longer
  3. Good for fine hair as it does not pull as much
  4. Best to curl hair


  1. Makes the hair look dry
  2. Ineffective on curly hair
  3. Can damage hair more as it adds additional heat to the hair

probably my most favorite kind. It has a mix of the above that means that it has both nylon and boar bristles. I don’t want to dwell much on this as it is pretty self explinatory.


  1. It has less weight when compared to boar bristle
  2. It provides great tension
  3. It imparts shine to the hair
  4. Gives the same effect as a boar bristle brush


  1. Most expensive kind
  2. The weight is relatively less not really light


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