Golden globe 2012 inspired make-up

Hear are some of my tips and tricks to get that red carpet look . INSPIRED FROM THE GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS2012 .These were some of my favorites .

Emma Stone , Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara
Primer and foundation are the most important especially when you’re going to get photographed and for a flawless complexion it is necessary.A primer also helps you for that long wear makeup and keeps you skin looking fresh .Mila kunis and Kim Kardashian  looked flawless and also they  had no dark circles or any form of spots seen, it was picture perfect .Their skin looked dewy , glowey not shinny.
Kim K went for her signature Hard contour and she loves it ! . A peachy blush gave her that flush of colour.  Kim normally wears pink but she went for a peachy natural look this time . Going with the natural theme she had a very natural lid with all neutral tones on her lid and her crease was darkened up a little bit for some definition to those gorgeous eyes. She used a warm golden colour eyeshadow underneath her lower lash line for some warmth . Loads of mascara and some false eye lashes will complete the look. They were feathery and light  For the lip she had a strong red lip with hint of peach colour

Mila kunis used a sheer light brown colour for the lid and had a little darker brown shadow for the crease. Light strokes would help you to achieve this blended look. A bright highlight in the inner corner when the cameras are flashing it’s going to grab the light. She had a thick eye liner but not super thick and with a little wink which gives the perfect lift to her eye. She used a light pink blush on the high points of her cheeks and then finished it off with a good highlighter. Use a peachy pink gloss as she had preferably a light rose colour.
Freida pinto had the same natural look going on with a nude gloss and a brown Smokey eye it was a clear mix of natural yet dramatic. The Smokey eye complimented her skin and her eye shape it brought out the warmth in her complete make up look .
Emma stone’s Gunmetal eye look  :
Emma stone make up look was bold and dramatic. She had a liquid foundation on giving her that minimal coverage. She had a little hint of colour on her cheeks. It seemed to be a dusky rose colour. For the eyes that’s were all the magic took place she had a sliver metallic Smokey eye. It had little hints of blue which complemented her natural eye colour (greenish blue) .The Smokey eye was dramatic and feline. She had eye shadow on her lower lash line which gave that depth to her eyes .This look was all about gunmetal inspired shades. She had a dusky rose shade on her lips . This is a perfect valentine day look.


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