Product Review- Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad Emerald Isle

I have had this quad for ages and since I just found it I decided to do a small review on it. I must be honest though I don’t think you can find this particular quad in the market right now. There are similar ones though produced by Maybelline. It also stands as an example of how Maybelline quads are in general.The colors are gorgeous and are perfect for any skin tones. Daytime as well as Night time looks can be created easily. Below I have some pictures of the quad.


  1. Great Pigmentation
  2. Complimentary to several skin tones
  3. Not too chalky
  4. Cheap for the amount of colors
  5. Easily available in the market
  6. Lasts for a long time
  7. Instruction on the back of the lid


  1. Delicate packaging

 Price : 230 rps

Final Verdict : Great for some one who is beginner in make up as it helps direct the where to put which shade. Plus its not too heavy on the wallet. A must try for everyone


One thought on “Product Review- Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad Emerald Isle

  1. thanks for link…i ve been searching for this range quad since few days….this range has been discontinued by maybelline since a while now


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