Product Review- Divo – Asanti Natural Bristle Round Brush

This is one of the first professional round brushes that I bought. I found this at a stall put up during an exhibition. I have naturally curly hair and hence wanted a heavy duty round brush. I jumped to the opportunity when I found this brush. It is described as a brush with natural bristle and a wooden body. The brush is pretty big and worth every penny paid. I always loved how the salon ladies would blow dry the hair when they were done. It would look so glamorous with this in mind I started learning various styles on how to blow dry. This brush has been with me now for over a year so I must tell you it is well used. Like always the pro’s and con’s follow below


  1. No shedding of the bristles
  2. Gives professional finish to the hair
  3. Adds shine
  4. The brush it self is large allowing me to take big sections
  5. Great for curly to really curly hair
  6. Does not cause damage to the hair
  7. Adds immense volume to the hair
  8. The handle is not slippery
  9. The style lasts long even without hairspray and mousse
  10. Hair does not get caught up around the area where the brush is joined to the handle


  1. The size of the brush adds weight on the wrist which may be be uncomfortable
  2. I have long fingers hence I find that the handle is short for me and the heat of the blow dryer touches my fingers.

Final Verdict : I think it definitely is a brush worth investing in if you are a round brush enthusiast or love blow drying your hair.

Price : 685
Can be found at :


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