Product review- Divo -Asanti Mixed Bristle Brush with Thermal Core

I actually put this review on hold as I really wanted to test this product. It has been barely a few weeks since I had it and never came up to blow drying my hair straight. Anyway this weekend I decided I would and what a joy it was. As soon as I received this brush I knew I would like it. The relatively lightweight brush and the thermal core were features that appealed to me. The brush is a little small when compared to the brush that I first reviewed . I would categorize it as a medium size brush. I was amazed at the way the brush worked. By far my favorite brush ever. Not only did it add shine to my hair but also made it incredibly smooth. It was easy to flick and did not hurt my wrist. It also did not burn me the handle was long enough.


  1. Light weight
  2. Takes less time to dry my hair
  3. Imparts shine
  4. Holds style
  5. The grips on the handle are great for a firm hold
  6. Easy to create flicks
  7. Straightens hard to straight hair
  8. Catches even baby hair
  9. Does not tangle in the hair
  10. Size is easy to use not too big
  11. Creates great volume


  1. Available only online and in some selected cities
  2. Some might consider it pricey but it is half the price of any decent straightener

Final verdict : I think its an amazing buy for people who have straight to wavy hair as it straightens and adds a great bounce. My favorite round brush.  

Price :730 rps
Can be found at


4 thoughts on “Product review- Divo -Asanti Mixed Bristle Brush with Thermal Core

  1. hiie =)..i actuaaly was confused which brush i should buy..the first one u reviewed or this one.. i want a lot of volume and a lot of shine..soooo im confused confused confused..which do u thick is betta..i thought this one is coz its so cute.=).lol..=D…but literally which one is betta..plzzzzzz tell me fast..=(.=)



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