Product Review- Maybelline Shadow Stylist – Romantic Pink

This one vintage Maybelline product buried under my makeup collection that I rediscovered when I was looking for something to review. The product in question is the Maybelline shadow stylist. Its basically a stick with a shadow pot as a base. The stick has a sponge applicator to the end which does do a decent job at applying the shadow. The shadow it self is in the form of a loose shadow. It has gold and pink shimmer which is not overpowering. The pink is very muted as the gold is more prominent. The shadow stylist comes in many shades I personally have two this pink one and another darker one which I will review soon


  1. Comes in a nice package
  2. Does not have much fallout
  3. Comes in a variety of shades
  4. Lasts a considerable time
  5. Can be used as an all over lid shade or can be blended
  6. The sponge applicator actually works
  7. Great for a first time make up user


  1. Unfortunately I have no idea of the availability 

Final verdict : Its a great gift to a teenager or even to someone who is new to make up  
Price : around 250 rps
Can be found : at your local health and glow


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