Product Review- NYX Eye Auto Pencil- SeaFoam Green

This was a gift that I received from my wonderful twin sister for my birthday and I am totally obsessed with it. The pencil it self is really soft but not so soft that it breaks away. It is gentle enough to put in the waterline without tearing up and stays put through out the day with out smudging. I like how I can throw it into my purse without worrying of it breaking.


  1. Beautiful color payoff
  2. Does not irritate the eye
  3. The actual product is soft and does not tug at the eye
  4. Is available online
  5. Will last a long time there is a lot of product in the pencil
  6. Does not smudge off
  7. Inexpensive
  8. Complimenting to dark skin tones especially in the waterline for some brightness


  1. Availability 

Final Verdict : I think its great for a birthday gift teamed up with a gloss or just something to add to your college routine. 
Price 220 rps


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