Online Shopping : MedPlusBeauty

MedplusBeauty is an online store that finds its roots in Hyderabad. This is one of two online shops that I found that are located in Hyderabad.The location is not the only convenience that this shop provides. Quite honestly waiting for 4 days to receive my products does not mean the end of the world. MedPlusBeauty was the only leading online shop that carried the Sunsilk Kertinology line and I desperately needed a heat protectant spray. 

 The product range is like none other I have seen. The variety is amazing. I will not say though that it encompasses every product I have seen online but it does have some new brands and products that I have not seen on other sites. Some interesting mentions could be PureDerm, Sheshido and Banana Republic. Some of the products do have a minimal discount. They also have a Value system which I will link Here 
As mentioned before the prices are reasonable. They are some that do have a little discount going up to 5 % and those that don’t have the discount usually have the value plus benefit to them. The prices are not the lowest around but they definitely are not too much.
Now I assume that since I live in Hyderabad I received my products in such a way I am pretty sure that this is not how they ship their products.I got mine in a white bag it was quite attractive and looked really cute. Inside the bag the product came wrapped in bubble wrap and was pretty secure.

As mentioned above I live in Hyderabad reason which I received my product with in 24 hours 
Customer Care:
The customer care is awesome the lady called me minutes after I made my order. She confirmed it and not only that after I made my second purchase the lady even asked for feedback. She also made sure that my order came before 5 pm as I had mentioned. 5 stars for that !

Final verdict : Must try especially if you live in Hyderabad.
Link to website :


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