Product Review – Revlon Super Lustrous Gloss – Pink Afterglow

This gloss is one I have had for many years. When you see the pictures below you can see I am almost done with the bottle but yet I keep scraping it. These glosses are amazing in both color choice and texture. They have to be the best in terms of finish. Its almost as if the gloss fills in the cracks of the lips. I like using it over lipsticks that are frosted as this brings a nice balance. The color pay-off on some of these are great but some are sheer, not that it is a bad thing. This particular shade is useful to bring color to nude shades that other wise would wash me out. Now getting to the review and swatches.


  1. Great finish
  2. Great color pay-off
  3. Neat packaging
  4. Available easily
  5. Not too expensive
  6. Easy to apply
  7. No strong smell


  1. It is not too expensive but it is on the high end side
  2. It is sticky

Final Verdict : I would say invest in it as it is universally complimentary. It is not the greatest gloss on the face of the earth but definitely worth a try. 
Price: 430 rps


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