Himalaya Herbal Neem Facewash

To all those people who suffer from acne or cystic acne this facewash could probably be your solution .The Himalaya Neem facewash is the cure to all problems .This facewash contains Neem and Tumeric , it is a soap free formulae .This herbal facewash contains anti bacterial qualities which helps remove any form of infection caused by dust or bacteria . Tumeric helps in re-formulating your tissue and also helps in maintaining the PH balance in the skin . This face wash claims to be for all skin types , but with personal experience I would not recommend it for dry skin types . For all skin types ranging form oily to normal this is a perfect facewash , even if you dont have acne this helps in cleansing your skin leaving it looking fresh and clean . Another feature of this face wash it is not perfumed and has not absolute scent .
1.Helps reducing acne and also prevents it from further infection.
2.Removes excesses oil , blackheads from the skin leaving it fresh and clean 
3.Cheap and easily available in retail stores across India.
4.Over a long usage you can notice acne scars to diminish .
5. Packaging is simple available in different quantities

1.For people with dry to combination skin it might leave your skin feeling stretchy and dry .
2.It does not contain any scent which might be a turn off to some fragrance fanatics .
3.It might leave the skin looking dry sometime during the winter days
 Final Verdict :Amazing product ,effective and cheap (price -150 -200ml )


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