Product Review – Lotus Herbals Jojoba Wash

I had received this as a free gift with one of my purchases from an online website and since I had just run out of my face wash I decided to use it. Lotus herbals is a really nice brand considering how much I love their Aloe Hydra moisturizer I was expecting something out of it. The face wash it self has a very fruity smell to it not in a apple-mango way but in a more lychee kind of way. Basically it had a very clean scent to it. The face wash it self as mentioned in the description has little bead which I found really fun to play with in the morning. The beads are not hard at all they are really sponge like. The picture only illustrates the orange beads but also has blue beads.I have more of a love and hate relationship with the face wash which I will illustrate below.

  1. It has a pleasant smell
  2. It has beads in it
  3. It cleans the face well
  4. It does not dry the skin out


  1. The product has a weird texture
  2. The product seems to spill out 
  3. It dint give great results

Final verdict : I think it is great if you want to change up your routine but its not really worth being part of the routine for a long time.
Price : 160
Can be fount at


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