Product Review – Ponds Gold Radiance Day Cream


 This is going to be one of the most biased reviews I have written and before you go on to read there is something I have to confess. I have not actually tested this product out at all. There are a few reasons why I dint actually even put this cream on face before writing this review.
Now I do know that I should for the sake of a review use the cream but I just could not. Enough of suspense I shall reveal the reasons. The Ponds Gold radiance day cream comes in a very attractive bottle and that is what tricked me in buying this product. Here is that catch, it has shimmer in it. Now I am aware that the company declares that the ‘shimmer’ is actual gold particles but to me its shimmer. Not just a subtle glow its actual shimmer. A huge fail from ponds.


  1. It comes in a glamorous bottle
  2. It has real Gold in it 


  1.  It is damn expensive
  2. It has shimmer in it
  3. I would never wear it in the day it would be too gody
  4. It is not practical
  5. The cream it self is very thick
  6. Just a fail of a product

Final Verdict : Do Not Buy it. 
Price :499


5 thoughts on “Product Review – Ponds Gold Radiance Day Cream

  1. bigtime sucker product this one is… still lying around in my cupboard… for more than a yr now…. sheer waste of money.. i don think anyone wil even pick it up for free or as a gift too.. 🙂


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