Product Review – Lancôme Palette – Magic Voyage

I got this palette while in transit, it was at the duty free. I usually like buying high end stuff in the form of palettes as I feel I get more value for money. This particular palette caught my eye for two reasons. It had a good mix of eye shadows and the packaging was very convenient. The only problem that I have with this palette would be availability as the palette is a travel exclusive. Still I think its great to check out new brands and their quality. You get 6 eye shadows and 3 glosses with the palette


  1. The palette come in a packaging
  2. It has decently sized eyeshadow pans and even lip glosses
  3. The color are compatible for both day and night
  4. The addition of a matte white is very smart
  5. The lip glosses are pretty pigmented, they are not lipstick like but not clear either
  6. The colors are complimentary for all skin tones
  7. The mirror is pretty big 
  8. The eye shadows are not chalky


  1. Availability
  2. Some of the eyeshadow are not very pigmented
  3. I find that whenever eyeshadow is kept with lip gloss it tends to fall in to it 

Final Verdict: If you are into brands this is great as you get some good value for money but if you are more of a make-up person I would skip it


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