Product Review – Ponds Gold Radiance Cleansing Mousse

After the Ponds Gold Radiance Day Cream I was pretty much ready to hate this product too. To be honest this is not my face wash its my moms. On a day out shopping we decided it would be great to coax mom into buying a nice high end product for her self. She is one of those moms who likes to use any face wash her daughters are using. So we got it. The product it self, like all the other gold radiance products, is neatly packaged with a very glamorous look. I was pleasantly surprised when I used it. Most of the times a mousse like face wash ends up turning in to sad bubbles on the hand but this is different. The lather that comes out is so rich. It really does feel like you are applying some thing expensive it is dense and does not fizz out on the face. Now getting to the pro’s and con’s.

  1. Amazing packaging
  2. Nice sturdy Pump
  3. Dense Lather
  4. Cleanses the skin well
  5. Has a soft fragrance to it
  6. Feels incredible on the skin
  7. Looks great in the bathroom !


  1. Does dry the skin out a tad bit
  2. Is expensive
  3. Some times you might pump out more product than needed

Final Verdict: Its great for having in a bridal basket, gift package etc. It is when you wanna feel luxurious and this hits the spot. I would re-purchase this for my mom, she loves it !
Price: 350 rps


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