Product Swatches – NYX MegaShine Gloss – Natural, French Kiss, Lollipop

Natural, Lollipop, French Kiss

I absolutely love the NYX mega shine lip glosses. Some do complain about the smell but I dont really find it that much of a problem. Here I have for you 3 of their glosses each with a personality of their own. I will illustrate what I love and hate about each one of them. Hope you love it !



I cannot imagine any girl not having this gloss. It is a beauty in terms of color and texture not to forget its so cheap. The price is nothing in comparison to the quality. To describe the color I would say it is a mid tone pink with brown undertones, excellent for Indian skin tones. This color can be dressed up with a shimmer gloss or applied lightly for the day. I wear it almost every single time. My all time favorite make-up product ever !

This was the second lip gloss I bought after being bowled over by Natural. This is a more shimmer, night kind of color. It is a peach color with golden shimmer and looks beautiful on its own and also over Natural. I wear it when I am looking for a muted lip as it does wash me out a bit. This lip gloss is a bit thicker than Natural and hence I find I might need to top it off with clear gloss to tone it down. Great none the less.

French Kiss:
This unfortunately was sort of a mistake. I know when your going to see the swatch you might really like it. The problem is that it just does not look good on my pigmented lips. The silver shimmer is really over powering and something about the color just does not look good. I would not recommend this color to Indian skin tones. Its a very frosty pink that does nothing for the lips or the skin color. 

Final Verdict : I love the texture of the lip glosses, the price and the shade range is also amazing. Do go for it.
Price: 475rps but can be found from 315rps -350rps online


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