I love Raspberry and blackberry

Its a perfect definition of a fruity burst in your day . One of a product that I discovered when I ventured in the Mikyajy store . This is one of the bath and body line products . I must agree the packaging draw me towards it , but apart from all other scented body products this was different . This came in a package of 4 products listed below.

After the first use of this product I was left raving about its fragrance . Unlike most body and bath products whose scent or fragrance barely lasts on your body for a hour or so , this product scent lasted me a day and more .It also stayed true to its scent and didn’t change over time . If I had to pick the best product out of all is the lip balm , it is soo.. nourishing and soo.. conditioning leaving the a little hint of a berry tint on your lips . The body products are also quite conditioning and helped my skin allot during the winters keeping it soft and healthy .This product is available in different scents ,I Love Mango & Papaya ,I Love Lemon & Limes ,I Love Vanilla & Ice Cream ,and I Love Strawberries & Milkshake . I recently saw the pixiwoo sisters also raving about it. Hence I lOVE RASPBERRY AND BLACKBERRY . 

Final verdict : Amazing , This product is available in all Mikyajy stores or visit there website for further details -http://www.mikyajy.com/eng/Cat_Body.html

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