Product Review – Lakme Starlight Face Highlighter – Day

I had this with me for along time so sorry for the dirty picture ( no pun intended ). Initially this was bought as a result of a great sales person’s persuasion. I hated it when I got it because like a fool I tried to put it on my face and make it work. Now I am planning a whole article on shimmer on the face but I am uncertain about my college schedule. Yeah so getting back to the point. There are many highlighters in the market now but back then this was the only one. I think its better to think of the product as a huge eyeshadow box because I feel it works better this way. I like taking it and dabbing it over any ( even black ) eyeshadow. The shimmer is chunky enough to be seen without being over powering. Unfortunately I could not find this online and I am unaware if you can find this in stores.

  1. The shimmer is great
  2. Can be used as an eyeshadow
  3. The color is complimentary to all skin tones


  1. Very unpractical packaging
  2. Not suitable for the face
  3. Not available easily
  4. A lot of fall out

Final Verdict : I would give it a skip unless and until you are a person who likes shimmer on their eyes which I do.


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