Product Review – Loreal Glam Shine Lipgloss – Sand Crystal, Rose Crystal, Coral Strass

I got these when I was traveling. It looked really neat three tiny glosses that I could pop in my purse at any time. L’Oreal Glam shine have always been a sensation from when it was launched. The heart shaped center still seems to be the main attraction. If you have ever bought travel packages before you would know that essentially they contain colors that are to be flattering to every skin color. The success is when all the colors are also compatible with all skin tones rather than specific colors. Here the color choice fails. I am what would be considered an ‘ olive’ skin tone. One color suits me but the other two don’t and that makes a waste of colors.
Rose Crystal:

Rose crystal is the typical mid-tone pink that is super flattering to Indian skin tones. It also s pretty universal in being flattering to light and dark skin tones. Its what you could call a safe color. The pigmentation is great on it and the gloss it self glides on great. I am a huge fan of the tiny packaging too.

Sand Crystal:

This color is clearly meant for darker skin complexions. It also is hard to explain it is a brown-grey color. Yes, Grey ! I tried to make this color work but it just washes me out or just looks muddy on my skin tone. I wish it was more wearable. I cant even use it to top off a nude color or anything. It is a real put off.

Coral Strass:

This is clear gloss with pink shimmer. I know its not as prominent in the photo but trust me it does. This gloss works a bit better as I can put it on top of any lipstick.Though I am not quite sure I am a fan of hot pink shimmer on my lips. I wouldn’t hate much on it ,its just not my type.


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