Product Review – Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme – Chestnut

I already mentioned about my love for the Maybelline moisture extreme lipsticks. This was my second buy of that day. This is a deep almost berry – brick kind of a colour. It looks absolutely gorgeous in photographs. My mom was on a hunt for an easy to apply colour for my sister’s wedding. She wanted a dark long lasting colour that did not require and touch-ups or gloss. She is pretty old so she was particular about the finish. This lipstick was a winner. I could not take my eyes of my mom’s lips through out the wedding especially in the bright lights the lipstick had such a great sheen to it. She loves it and is planning for a back -up too. The shade is a nice shade for more mature audiences and is complimentary to all skin tones.

  1. Beautiful colour
  2. Pictures great
  3. Does not emphasise lines
  4. Nice pigmentation
  5. Sturdy packaging
  6. Easy to store in the purse
  7. Lasting power is good not great.


  1. It is know for breaking
  2. I wish it lasted longer.

Tip: If your lipstick breaks simply put it together and leave it in the freezer overnight.

Final Verdict : Its great do check it out. I would recommend buying it.
Price: 220 rps
Can be found at

3 thoughts on “Product Review – Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme – Chestnut

  1. Noooooo. You're very wrong about the 'mature audiences' part. This shade actually makes you look a lot younger and is especially gr8 for teenagers!!! I loveee this color<3


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