Product Review – Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme – Coral Pink

This was one of the most random buys I have even made. Random for two reasons, I could barely see the colour because of the dark lighting and second because I was not even planning to buy a lipstick. It takes a lot for me to ignore everything and buy a lipstick. The Maybelline moisture extreme have always been a rave since it launched. The cheap, hyper pigmented, glide on soft lipsticks are my favourite from Maybelline. I would buy every shade and hoard it if it were up to me. This particular shade is exactly what the name says except dont imagine baby pink think more hot pink. The shade is what I would call a muted red. Its great to wear it as a stain or full on for a wedding. 


  1. Beautiful pigmentation
  2. Absolutely no shimmer
  3. Glides on easily
  4. Does not emphasise lines
  5. Can be worn as a stain
  6. Creamy and not drying
  7. Very cheap


  1. The bullet tends to break easily 

Final Verdict : Must buy for any one who like creamy lipstick. They are available in many shades too

Can be found at


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