Product Review- Street Wear sheer Mascara – Transparent

I want to keep this review short and sweet. First of all though the product is a mascara gel I use it as brow gel. I think it is absolutely irrelevant to have a clear mascara. If you want a natural look then splash water on your face I promise it will give the same effect. Just if you are curious this product is not good if you want to use it as a mascara. In fact it is so bad as a mascara that I wont even go into that. Please consider the following as a review of it in the role of eyebrow gel

  1. Comes through brows easily
  2. Really makes the brows stiff ( which I like)
  3. The brows don’t budge once the gel is on
  4. Convenient packaging 
  5. Cheap
  6. I does not wash of easily with a splash of water
  7. My brows dint fall out 


  1. Not easily available
  2. The brush is too big which makes for excess product around the brow

Final Verdict: I think its great to keep in the purse for touch ups. I love it


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