Product Review – Maybelline Wet Shine lipstick – Plumsickle

This is one really old lipstick. So much so that I believe it is not available. The Maybelline wet shine was one of the first gloss like lipstick. If you are wondering yes this again one of my mom’s lipstick. I like raiding her closet for stuff to review. This was one of her first love and let me tell you she has gone through 5 of these. It must tell something about the quality. The lipstick it self is very moisturizing. It came in a very cute pink package, sleek and compact. The color is a deep pinky-purple. I don’t believe it shows up well since it has been some time since we have had this.


  1. It is well pigmented
  2. Photographs well
  3. Has nice packaging
  4. It suites quite a bit of skin tones
  5.  Has moisturizing properties


  1. Not available
  2. Does not have a glamorous look
  3. Does not last very long
  4. The frost might not be for everyone

2 thoughts on “Product Review – Maybelline Wet Shine lipstick – Plumsickle

  1. Surprised you didn't mention the smell. I wore one of these and spent the entire evening feeling nauseated. otherwise it's a shame coz the colours are lovely.


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