5 Jump-start tips for Beauty Bloggers

I am one of those people who does not beat around the bush when it comes to long articles but quite honestly I am just lazy today. So No intro lets just get in to the tips ! 
1) Link Within
So link within is a widget that you can use for your posts. The widget basically selects article from your blog and links them below every post.This is incredibly useful for several reasons. The first is that some times people don’t visit your blog but read your articles isolated. In such a case having article linked down would build a platform for them to explore articles they are potentially interested in. The fact that it is linked right below the article means that this is where the reader has lost their interest and is ready for gaining more by clicking on the next article .Click Here For Link
My experience : My average page views are around a 100 since I added link within it became 200 ! 
2) Gain Credibility :
I was attending a lecture on new media in which the speaker called bloggers “people who sit in their bedrooms and have internet connection”. To an extent he is true. As a blogger it is important to make sure that people trust you. Joining online blogger organizations help gain credibility. I have listed below some organization that you can join and they are all free. Get your badge from the site and place it on your blog. They are incredible for gaining exposure to various companies too.

3)Keep it short, Keep it smart
On an average I spend  a maximum of 10 min on a blog. It usually hovers around less than 5 min. If I spend 4 min reading one article then I am too saturated to explore that blog and I skip to something else. Instead if I spent 3 min reading an article then I would be stimulated enough to go for another article. Be smart, you don’t need to fit as much matter in to an article as you can. Remember the reason you are writing a blog is for your opinion. Skip the general information and get to the point.
4)Layout your heart:
Your blog layout is very important. When I started out it was very different from this. I personally wanted something but got something else. Play around with your layout a bit and don’t try too hard. You must understand that words don’t have much style to them. The background, font style, Header etc all are an expression of who you are most importantly to your target audience. Don’t stress much let it grow and see how it shapes. Make sure it is what you are not what you like.
5) Scheduling:
I remember the first time I started blogging it was like I was in a mad race. All I wanted to do was shell out articles. Now in retrospect I think it was a phase I needed to go through. You must understand that blogging is like talking. It has to be natural. If you rush it , it will look fake and may reduce the quality. Take your time. If you want to write 3 articles in a day go for it but if you dont want to then you dont need to. I have some things to do on non-blogging days

  1. Promote yourself by using company facebook pages and linking you articles
  2. Socialize in the community
  3. Check your statistics, this helps in customizing your articles according to your audience
  4. Go over old article to check for any updates
  5. Chill and watch TV ! we need our off time too you know

So lovely members of the Beauty community I hope you found this helpful. Lots of luck for your future.


6 thoughts on “5 Jump-start tips for Beauty Bloggers

  1. Lovely article and it was very helpful too.. I too agree with you that article should be crisp, meaningful & short, unnecessary length would never attract audience 🙂 same happens with me .. I love looking at pictures and if they are of good clarity that increases my interest 🙂 Blog should have your own touch .. your own way of saying things … “I know all” can be a bit put off … what do you think?


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