Product Review – Clean and Clear foaming Face wash

I have had this product now for about 7 months or maybe even more. I first found it one day when I was random shopping in Health and Glow. I picked up the small tester version of it. I love it when companies do that and now I bought my self the 100ml version. I had this belief that clean and clear was a very gimmicky company but I cannot tell you how wrong I was. Yes, This is my holy grail face wash. Now a bit of history on my skin. I have combination -dry skin. It is sensitive to face washes that contain high perfume. I usually end up with red patches on my face even when I used lakme face wash. Clean and clear is amazing at least for me and I will tell you why 

  1. Cheap
  2. Easily available
  3. Does not irritate skin
  4. Makes the skin feeling clean and smooth
  5. Gives a glow to my skin
  6. Does not dry me out too much
  7. Comes in a nice sturdy bottle
  8. You need very little to clean your face


  1. I kind of like the smell but it is not something to get excited about

Final Verdict: If you are looking for a good cleanser in the morning on a budget. Do get it.  
Price: 72 rps

Can be found at :


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