DIY Glam brushes

I love a little glamour in life , whenever I used to see my brushes I always thought to add some sparkle to them . Hence I came up with this idea of adding rhinestones to my brush set  .This particular brush set ( &1 mac brush ) Im using is from MIKYAJY .This company has one of the best brush sets I have ever tried , they are so soft and realy cheap . Although they are not very popular in India and the US but recently they have hit europe and pixiwoo sisters have also mentioned there body products in there Jan favorites video. I got these brushes when I was in the Saudi Arabia and are available across the middle east .The rhinestones I used are from a local craft shop , you can find them online on ebay .To get started you need  :

Alcohol wipe

-Alcohol wipe to clean the rims of the brushes in order to remove any dust or product. 
-Tweezers, pin ,Fabric glue ( water resistent ) or a hot glue gun , and Rhinestones 
-Obviously brushes

Start off by applying the glue in a horizontal line around the barrel .Start placing the stones on the brush and make sure you dont leave any gap between the gems . The particular glue I used dries clear and apply glue generously .I did three rows on each brush you may do more or less as you wish . Remember this process needs patience but its all worth it at the end .You may choose to apply any colour rhinestone you like and any size . You can use alternative colours or even apply a coat of nail polish under the stones in order to intensify the stones colour .

Another tip use stones of smaller size they seem to fit more precicly and last long . I have washed these brushes several times over a year and I havent lost a single stone . I hope you all enjoy it .


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