Product Review : Maybelline Define – a- Lash Waterproof Mascara

I was on a search to find a nice mascara for college. It gets really hot in summer and sometimes even waterproof mascara smudges ew! After much research I decided to go for the Maybelline Define a lash. I really like the concept of it because I wanted a natural yet defined look. I dint want to go to college looking like I had fake lashes on. I bought it immediately. It has been a good 10 months since then and OMG I love it. It is the most waterproof mascara ever. I rub my eyes a lot its a bad habit of mine and by the time I come home not a smudge under my eye. Even though it has been so long it has not dried out on me. Don’t worry I am going to buy a new one soon. I know I should not be using it but I love it anyway lets get on to the black and white part. 


  1. Cute packaging
  2. Really waterproof
  3. Holds curl fantastic
  4. Can be found easily
  5. Unique wand
  6. No clumping
  7. Nice for college or day jobs


  1. I dont really like the bendy wand
  2. It makes lashes stiff
  3. Need make up remover to take off 
  4. Expensive 

Final Verdict : I actually really like it for college. I like the stiff lashesPrice  : 500 rps

Can be found at CLICK ME!


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