BEAUTYBLABBER : The World needs More Bunnies !

I need to talk more than write on this blog. I think its getting too formal so now I shall not edit what I write. Which means that this *blank * article is not going to be cut off. All logical thought goes out and I just type what comes to my brain. I should shut off Bubzbeauty. Alright so yes back to my article. I have not planned what to write so lets see where this goes. Well normally small talk begins with the weather, right ? Its sooo hot. OMG its like no joke it should be cooler its only February. Its gonna get more hot. Nope I’m bored this is not working out. Lets try what I am doing tomorrow. I am going to watch the * Blank * pianist no! the artist. See I dint even backspace. Oh ! the funniest thing happened today. I was talking to a girl, I turned, then turned back again and she was sleeping. Ha ! I was like what !? hm….. I just realized that my brain always thinks of “ok” “alright” and “so” when I want to begin a statement or sentence. Why do I say statement ? Oh yeah I had a law class that I was thinking about. BTW I dont think you all know but … Why did I write but ! ugh stupid brain. I am sleepy it is 9 :00 and I am sleepy. I just realized I think “oh” too a lot. Am I the only person who types alot instead of a lot ? * Deep Breath* This is not going anywhere I should probably not post this. Its not even funny. Which reminds me of this moment of not being funny. We were in class and our teacher was trying an “interactive” session. She asked us to say a joke. I went up on stage fully memorized with this joke I saw on that show that john mor…no what was his name ? I cant remember. It was that stand up show that used to come. Where was I ? Oh yeah the joke, so I went stood on the podium and said the joke. After 3 min of silence one girl laughed so hard. the whole class started laughing you know why? because no one got the joke! I should probably explain the title. You see me and my sister have this habit of quoting random stuff each day. I dont know why but we quote a lot of movie stuff and stuff we make up our selves. This one was me. I was just about to type “SO” and then I realized how many times I did that. Anyway I am going to conclude this little diary like session for now. Hope you guys enjoyed it and if you dint then… *squealing* “the world needs more bunnies”

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