Product Review -Lakme Aquashine LipStick Terracotta

This is another of my old loves. There are many memories of this lipstick/gloss. Mostly because it was the color my sister wore on her wedding. This shade is perhaps the only brown I would wear. Those who don’t like sticky lip glosses should stay away from this. Though I must emphasize that sticky ones are the ones that last. The color that I am reviewing to day is a brown color bordering on rust but not as over powering. It is from the old collection of the line. It is not available online but I am sure you can find this in the store. The collection it self is beautiful, so even if you don’t like this particular shade you can at least get one that you like. 

  1. Easy to use packaging
  2. Long lasting
  3. Available in a plethora of shades
  4. Can have great control
  5. Does not leak
  6. Not too expensive
  7. Moisturizing 
  8. Easy to carry around
  9. Pigmented
  10. Light shimmer 


  1. Sticky
  2. Sponge applicators are not very hygienic

Final verdict : Great to have in any busy woman’s purse . I love it
Can be found HERE


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