Product Review -Lakme Instaliner Eyeliner Black

This was the first eyeliner I ever used and by far the best. Yeah I know gel liners are the new thing but I really dont understand why they just dry up on me. Like how am I supposed to use it ? Its not supposed to be rocket science. Anyway me ranting about gel liner could possibly be a whole new post lest get back to the point, Lakme insta liner. I love it. I dont just love it I want to marry it ! There is so much about this liner that is great , reason why 90% of the people I know claim this to be their holy grail liner. I use it for weddings all the time. It is so vibrant especially on powder eyeshadows. I dont know why some liners get all powdery and grey. But this stands out nice and black. The tip is awesome, it takes a bit of practice after which you will be a pro. I learned putting liner with this one. Now no more rambling I’ll get to the point.

  1. Cheap
  2. Easily available
  3. Highly pigmented
  4. Lasts Long
  5. Easy to use tip
  6. Can go for dramatic as well as natural looks
  7. Available in brown also
  8. Does not smudge
  9. The pigment does not seperate


  1. The tip may be hard for first timers

Final verdict : I am sure you have it. If you don’t then go get it NOW !
Price:75 rps
Available HERE


5 thoughts on “Product Review -Lakme Instaliner Eyeliner Black

  1. I'm surprised that people actually like this one. I tried it as a teenager and since then have never bought a single lakme product. not a single one has ever suited me.


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