4 Weddings and a Cold

This month I had 4 weddings to attend I was so excited. I love dolling up for weddings. The whole process of planning out my day and getting ready seems so dainty and feminine. Of course unless you are sick. I got a horrible cold the whole runny nose, sore throat fever and all. I had to attend those wedding so I went all military on my plan chalking out a fool proof blueprint. So lets get started. How to look pretty on the inside when you feel like crap on the inside! huh the lives of us women.

  1. Moisturize your skin with your favourite face pack. There are 2 things you are looking for Hydrating and Moisturizing. 
  2. Start with your hair. I personally recommend staying away from heat. Since your body temperature is high you can easily pull off no heat curls. Pin it or sock it your choice. Wrap a towel around you hair once you are done this will allow the body heat to set the curls. Wait for 2 hours and you are done 
  3. Stay away from shimmer or anything that need precision stick with what you know. Remember the idea is to look radiant so kill any natural dark shadows with concealer  
  4. Avoid liner as the eyes tend to get puffy when you are sick and the liner might not set well. But if you have practiced well then you can use liner 
  5. Curl your lashes and apply loads of mascara this can help open up your puffy eyes and make them look more awake
  6. Use a nice blush on the cheeks to give your self a healthy glow. You can avoid bronzer.
  7. Apply concealer only dont try and go all full coverage on the skin as it will only suffocate you. Wear more concealer and blend everything with powder. Remember when your sick you might have to blow your nose ( I am just trying to be real here) If you put too much foundation then you will end up with your nose having no foundation!
  8. Go for a nice moisturizing lipstick and gloss. Stay away from matte or frosted textured. When you are sick your body looses moisture so everything feels dry. Your lips too become chapped and lines get emphasized.
  9. Try bright colors for the lipstick. Nice Berries, Pink and Reds. Nudes would only emphasize the darkness in the skin
  10. Dont forget to blast your favourite song and sing to it with your lost voice. That’s what I do all the time. 


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