Product Review – Nail Juice Platinum Nail Enamel 22 & 38

38 – 22

I was on the look for some nice cheap nail polishes. For some reason I like cheap nail polishes. All the ones I had, dried up. A good enough reason to buy a new nail polish. I went on several online websites and that is where  came across the Nail Juice polishes. The one thing that attracted me towards them was the packaging. It looked very different from the other nail polishes in the market. The sleek cylinder like look was very posh. I also liked the color range. From nudes to neon reds everything looked appealing and on trend. When I saw it was for 65 I had to get it. I had a coupon for 50 so I thought why not get two. I chose 22 a deep mauve, great for everyday and 38 a neon red.



  1. Cheap
  2. Thin in consistency
  3. Beautiful color range
  4. Sleek Packaging
  5. Pigmented
  6. Dries fast 


  1. Not easily available

Final Verdict : Grab them while they last. I love these. 
Price:85rps ( discounted price : 65 rps )
Can be found


6 thoughts on “Product Review – Nail Juice Platinum Nail Enamel 22 & 38

  1. loved both the shades and from where did u buy them
    n agreed even i like cheap nail polishes nly
    sumhw dnt feel like indulging much on nail enamels


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