Product Review – Pure Derm – Dual Well being Pack

I dont know if you noticed or not but there have been quite the boom in the beauty market in terms of Korean beauty brands. I have heard a lot about korean brands before not only of the blogging world but also youtube. Koreans and all south east asians are very particular about their skin. You can almost trust them blind folded. After BB creams I think all of us are left wanting more from our neighbors. So what did I do ? Well went online and bought my self a face mask. My choice was the Pure Derm Dual Well Being Pack. The name it self is quite a miss. Because it is not a ‘pack’. Its actually a gel and you dont have to peel it. Its a massaging gel. It is enriched with collagen and olive oil. Now this is not any other mask so dont expect the same. Your skin will not feel clean , refreshed or less tanned. To be honest at first I was disappointed. I did not understand how the pack worked. The  very next day I got 2 compliments on my skin. I never get compliments on my skin. The pack will give you one generous use and 2 stingy ones. I would recommend this pack to more mature or dry skins.


  1. Cheap
  2. leaves your skin glowing
  3. Has collagen and olive oil
  4. Great use and throw packaging
  5. Available online


  1. Not good for oily skin
  2. Wont remove tan
  3. Not actually a pack. Its gel that you have to massage
  4. Packaging makes it hard to remove the product  

Final verdict : If you are over 30 or have dry skin go for it. If you dont then you dont need it. 
Price : 80 rps


5 thoughts on “Product Review – Pure Derm – Dual Well being Pack

  1. I stocked up on mine by buying loads of it from the site. I love korean beauty products and love facial sheet masks. Its more of giving moisture to the skin and giving a glow. Sometimes you just go with the flow rather then having high expectations with it. 🙂


  2. Well I'm a fan of packet masks and sheet masks and am a korean brand addict. Unfortunately the availability is very restircted in India, I usually ask my mfriend in malaysia to send me stuff. 😀 Nice review. I love the purederm masks and have found them brilliant so far and gel masks are the best ever.


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