Product Review – Deborah 24Ore Eye Pencil

Eye pencils are always something that can be very dependent on personal choices. For me I think one of the most hardest things to get right for a company is foundation and eye pencils.

 I was surprised at the size of the Deborah pencil it really is long for an eye pencil. I though it would be much shorter.

 The consistency of the pencil is something I think the company got bang on. The pencil is soft enough to not tug but hard enough to sustain it self. It does not become blunt too easy so I dont end up sharpening as much.

 The only issue I have with the product is the pigmentation. It just does not look as vibrant as it should. It is a dull greyish purple on the eyes and hence does nothing to make it worth being a pop of colour. 

  1. Consistency
  2. Not too expensive
  3. Long Pencil
  4. Does not require constant sharpening
  5. Glides on easy
  6. Available online


  1. Is not pigmented
  2. Not at all Vibrant
  3. I feel the need to go over as I feel it give gaps when I apply it
  4. Is not long lasting as claimed

Final Verdict : I would try it in black. But definitely not in this shade.

*The product was sent for review purposes*


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