Product Review – Deborah Atomic Red Lipstick – 07

I am not much of a packaging person but I must say when I first received this lipstick in the parcel I was shocked at how gorgeous it looks. The wonderful metallic shine its real luxury.

 This is one product I would say that you are paying the price of the packaging rather than the actual product. But then again is it worth it? For the packaging 100 % , for the product? not so much.

  These lipsticks are very creamy and have a slight frost to them. They do have the common problem that comes with creamy lipsticks. 

That is stability, the product is very soft hence while swatching it kind of bent from the bottom. The color it self is a deep maroon with a silver frost.

  1. Packaging
  2. Available on many online sites
  3. Complimentary to dark skins
  4. Very pigmented
  5. Photographs well


  1. Does not flatter dry lips
  2. Breaks easy
  3. Expensive
  4. Not readily available in retail outlets

Final verdict : If you want a good lipstick you could get a much  better one for the price. But if you want a good looking lipstick check this one out.
Price : 560 rps

* this product was sent to me for review purposes*


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