Product Review – Deborah Euphoric Shine Lip Gloss – 07

When I saw this gloss I thought “hmm.. looks interesting” unfortunately this was a bummer for me. I did not really like it. Now I always find a way to make a product work but this one just dint seem like it.

 The packaging is good. Its not something I would die and go to heaven for but its not horrible either. The wand though is my problem.

  It is just too flimsy I wonder what the point was behind it because it just moves around when you are trying to put gloss on. Its not completely a waste but its not easy to use.

 The good thing though is the shimmer it is absolutely beautiful. It does nothing for pigmented lips as it is a sheer gloss but over a lipstick it would be great.

  1. Beautiful Shimmer
  2. Available online
  3. Does not leak


  1. The wand is too flimsy
  2. Its smell is not attractive
  3. It is sticky
  4. It is sheer 
  5. The price is way too much for it

Final Verdict : You could get a better gloss for a cheaper price. Skip it !
Price : 595 rps

*this product was sent to me for review purposes*


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