Product Review – Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shampoo

I am a shampoo-holic ( if that is a word ?) whenever a shampoo finishes I have to get a new brand. I like experimenting with my shampoos, I oil my hair religiously to prevent any adverse effects. This time I decided to go for Enliven. Now I must tell you that my holy grail shampoo is Herbal Essence Body Envy. I love it and I will be comparing this shampoo to it. In terms of packaging the shampoo comes in long cylindrical plastic bottle. It has nothing great about it. Its matte in finish and is kind of flimsy. I would avoid dropping it. 

  The shampoo it self is a clear runny gel. I really dont like the scent. I heard a lot about the conditioner and thought maybe it would be great instead it turned out to be a big bummer. It smells awfully sweet like some fake sugary candy. Some may like it but I really dint. 


  1. Adds volume
  2. Is super cheap


  1. Not easily available
  2. Smell is too sweet 
  3. Dries my hair out
  4. Very hard to cuff
  5. Has all sorts of chemicals
  6. Packaging is not attractive

Final verdict : Do not buy it. I would rather spend my money on Herbal Essence they are much better than this !
Price : 140 rps (400ml)


7 thoughts on “Product Review – Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shampoo

  1. Well, i don't find this shampoo horrible because I have used it.its right that it doesn't lather well but its cheap and i think the smell is divine.I like this shampoo and even my family likes it.It does not dry my hair out.Thanks for sharing:).


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